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Hello from admin

I opened this WordPress blog, to give anyone else wanting to blog about music, the opportunity. Contact me to arrange a login. When i installed the blog, i saw it has a selling option as well. I added the WordPress shop, which sells the same zip file, also sold on the fonetones website from the homepage at The zip file contains mp3 files, most devices use, of all the music keys and chords. The idea is, when the phone rings, with only one music key or chord, it can be memorized and music can be learnt like that. Each chord has a different feeling to it. Listening to it and recognising the feeling it causes, help with comprehending music better. Reading the free information on the website about music notation and consonance, is better comprehended if reconciled with the actual sounds.

The fonetones website must develop and the brand must develop, therefore, if you want to sell music or other products related to music, on this site, contact me. Anyone may join in with the development on Github. Links to the Github repository and Github website are available on the main homepage of fonetones. Check out the fonetones (FON) brand tokens, which can be bought. The FONs are backed by 48% of the fonetones brand value, which was set at 100’000 USD for the initial FONs on offer. The White Paper gives more information.